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CAV is involved from concept through completion and beyond.

Architectural Planning Phase

  • Work with architect to select an appropriate equipment rack location, ensure adequate ventilation, supply of dedicated power lines, and specify aesthetic constraints for wall surface
  • Review, decide, and order any back boxes for hidden/flush locations; make final framing decisions for recessed shade locations and any motorized TVs
  • Review, decide, and order lighting system components that electrician will need
  • Review, decide, and order any specialty lighting fixtures, and specify dimmer locations
  • Review, decide, and order back boxes for invisible and/or small aperture speakers to match lighting


 Construction Phase 

  • Install lighting components for electrician to run their wires to
  • Work with electricians to make sure home is wired properly for current/future lighting control
  • Install back boxes for invisible/small aperture speakers to match lighting
  • After completion of plumbing/HVAC/high-voltage, perform rough-in of low voltage wires
  • Quality control walkthrough to inspect everything before sheetrock
  • Take pre-construction photos to catalogue job site


Finishing Phase

  • Schedule system installation and begin trim-out of low voltage wall plates after floor surface finishes have completed curing and the final cleaning to remove all dust/debris from the air

Receive Final Approval

  • Install complete AV system, final quality control walkthrough, and homeowner orientation to show them how to operate their new system and answer any questions